Get a Copy of The Condriacs Latest Album, “THIS GAME”, For Just $6.97!

…Because, as Art Garunkel said about us… “It’s so good that people are still making real music”.


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As Nick Van Eede, lead singer of Cutting Crew put it…”Effortless, no fuss production allowing Tony’s voice to soar above so many infectious melodies. Brass arrangements, guitar and piano again spot-on. This new album showcases all of their talents and it’s almost like a Don Henley meets Ed Sheeran meets Smokey Robinson offering. BUY IT.” In short, if you’re a fan of legendary artists like Smokey Robinson, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke and others like them, then The Condriacs are a ‘must-have’ for your collection.

Tony’s smooth soulful voice has a touch of velvet rasp that will sing away your troubles. His lyrics speak to the very heart of being a human and combined with the authentic bygone soul, this music is a ticket for drifting away to a place far from your day to day!

So, choose whether you want the digital downloads, or the CD plus the downloads and click the order button of your choice below to get immediate access to The Condriacs latest mini album “THIS GAME” and discover why Art Garfunkel said about them… “It’s so good to know that people are still creating real music.”

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