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We’ve loved every minute of making music for you all. It’s come as a complete surprise to us that a London Cabbie and his best mate could end up writing and recording music for tens of thousands of people to enjoy from all over the world.

We’ve built up a family of Patrons who support what we do and many have become friends of ours.

We’re still just a couple of Dads, who still work full time and create our music in our spare time, but now, we’ve started writing songs for our 8th CD!! Who knew that we’d have this opportunity to pursue our dream this late in life, but we vow to continue enjoying every minute and to engage with all of you. So, if you want to send us a comment below, we WILL respond in person.

We hope you continue to enjoy our songs. We’ve got loads more to share with you.

Thanks for sharing this with us!

Pete & Tony x


  • Tangie Miller says:

    Oh my gosh, I so enjoyed the story! The fact that you both have families, jobs, responsibilities and still love to do this, for us, makes me love you both even more. I am anxious to hear about the new album . Pete, I would love to know the story behind Take Me Away. It has a probably off target meaning to me so I would like to know, you know, the direction it was meant to be.

  • Bridget May says:

    I recently purchased your cd’s and have thoroughly enjoyed listening to them I will be happy to look out for others you may be producing though would love to have a short preview of the songs before hand keep up the great work

  • Deborah says:

    Hi Guys
    I don’t usually send stuff. Lazy I spose
    But I heard u on fb & decided to buy the cd
    Oh wow. I love u ❤️ well your music 🎶 don’t panic I’m not a crazy stalker or anything.
    But will defo carry on listening

    Keep up the good work

    Thanks for the great sounds
    Deborah 😃

  • Tracey says:

    You are both so ‘real’ which is one of the things that make you so appealing. Loving the songs, loving the voice 😁 keep it up guys – you are much appreciated xx

  • Pauline says:

    I have your music on in the car all the time …Love it and so do my passengers. Thankyou x

  • Brenda Jones says:

    I love your music. I order the album but have not received it.

  • Audrey LaVerne Moore says:

    Love the story and your music. Can’t wait to get my cd!!!

  • Thank you for sharing. Waiting on my signed CD
    So, fabulous to watch your journey. Way back to the taxi days and sharing your fb posts👍❣🎶

  • Sheri Perry says:

    The first song I heard from ya’ll was put of the blue,I still listen to it over and over again,It is such a heart felt song 💜 I’m so glad you crossed my path in this thing called lfe,can’t wait to get the cds, and really can’t wait to hear more from ya’ll in the future ❤️

  • Hayley davies says:

    I have seen this wen you shared it before I’ve got glaucoma and I’m going blind i love you’re music it relaxes me so much that i started looking for you on fb which has brought me here and i love the two of you love Hayley

  • Dawn Olmsted says:

    I so wish I had known you when you started ! But so glad I found you and what an amazing story ❤

  • Lou says:

    Wow your sponsored ad came up on my Facebook and after only listening for 1 minute I purchased the cd. I haven’t purchased any new music for about 20 plus years

    • Pete & Tony says:

      That’s so kind Lou, we have so many pele following us who are excited about new music again. It makes us feel very proud.

      We hope you enjoy all our other albums too xx

  • Hi Pete and Tony, I absolutely love your story and music. I can’t wait to get my CD’s. I live in Northern California and I’m going to get more people to hear you guys. You’re fabulous! 🤗❤️❤️

  • Mary Maslin says:

    I started listening to your music from a post on Facebook. I downloaded the CD’s and I love them. Started having people at work listen as well.
    This Grandma / Great Grandma loves to hear you sing! Especially Crazy

  • Kay Couch says:

    A breath of fresh air. Glad we crossed paths.

  • Christine Hurdell says:

    Dear Pete & Tony.
    Don’t normally buy cd’s but after hearing you sing via Facebook, I was hook!!
    Fabulous, absolutely love listening to the CD. I especially like London Town.
    Your voice is wonderful & the melodies are great.
    Thank you for sharing your music . Incredibly talented.

  • Dave East says:

    Tony and Pete
    The reason you are so popular is not secret, you are both so talented! I used to be a professional trumpet player,playing in big bands, jazz and soul bands many moons ago so understand what talent is. I’ve only just got your last signed CD and the freebie one so it looks like I’ve got to buy your previous ones, before you bring out album no 8!!! Anyone who uses a real brass section is always a plus point in my eyes.Keep on keeping on guys.
    Dave 🙏 🎺 🙏

  • Theresa Bryan says:

    I have loved your music since the first time I discovered it and it continues to make me happy all the time. I bring and switch out my CDs in the car and believe me, I blast them😂 I have 5 CDs and will continue to grow my collection. Love to you both and to your families as they support you thru this journey.

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