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After we completed our Out Of The Blue EP, we started writing songs for a new album and by the time we’d finished, we had 30 songs in the mix!

We went into the studio and went through them with our producer and settled on 12 songs for the final cut.

Our fourth studio album was a biggy! We wanted a full band production and this meant using the talents of musicians who can play instruments we can’t. And we had the good fortune to work with some amazing talent!

The album is a fusion of Tony’s Soulful voice and melodies and a blend of the energy rawness of Faces with the sweet soul of artists like Smokey Robinson. That’s what our fans tell us anyway!

Tony often gets likened to a more soulful version of early Rod Stewart and with this on mind, we decided to write a song that would show this part of his voice off.

MAMA PLEASE is a nod to early Rod Stewart and the Faces. It conjures images of those days as a child when we played outside all day! Getting in trouble with our mums and coming in filthy, hungry and late for tea!

And that acoustic guitar solo courtesy of Ed Rome… Wow!

As with all our videos, this is homemade. We don’t apologise for that. We’re told it’s part of our charm. We’re just two very ordinary guys who have been given an opportunity to create and share music with people all over the world. But as independent artists, we fund everything ourselves and videos are EXPENSIVE, so we usually create them with a budget of £0 that’s $0 under todays exchange rate 🙂

If you’d like to hear more from this album, click here.

Much Love

Pete & Tony x


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