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Since we started writing together, we’ve begun to understand the power of what we can do with our music for people who enjoy what we create and we don’t underestimate this.

This song that was originally written for one of our longstanding fans who has an amazing life story, but it ended up being such a favourite of ours that we decided to include it on our full production album called THE CONDRIACS. I know… it seemed like a good idea at the time to self title an album!

Here’s a lyric video of the full song. We hope you like it!

If you’d like to hear more from this 12 track album called THE CONDRIACS, click here.

Much Love

Pete & Tony x


  • Christina Bryan says:

    What a beautifully optimistic song! Thank you, Pete and Tony xx

  • Claire Fisher says:

    Your music brings sun to my life 💗

  • Shani Hollis-Wood says:

    Great song

  • Julie Middleton says:

    A beautiful song and a lovely story of true love. I’m so glad they found each other again and at least had some time together with their son. ❤️

  • Cherie Rushton says:

    A touching story captured , wrote and performed beautifully, heart felt. Thankyou for sharing it . Love your music.
    Sorry for mentioning another song on this post For me ‘out of the blue ‘ bought both a smile and a tear . A few weeks ago my brother lost his year long fight to cancer .lymph nodes in his neck ,sadly resulting in a tracheostomy. He used to love to sing on the karaoke, had a raspy tone to his voice. The lyrics to out of the blue touched on how he felt regarding the families love helping him through his dark days .

    • Pete & Tony says:

      Hi Cherie,

      Writing songs is a Magical thing when it resonates with people in a way that it has with you.

      We are so sorry for your loss but if out of the blue comforts you in anyway then may it always do so whenever you think of your brother.

      Love Tony xxxx

  • Maria Brooks says:

    That was beautiful, something for Ray to treasure forever. Tony I could listen to you sing all the time.xx

  • Miriam Birchall says:

    Absolutely beautiful, love ,love love it.

  • Diane says:

    My god what a love song. Tears in my eyes. Love it

  • Gail Jones says:

    Goodness me, I was trying to put my mascara on whilst listening to this beautiful song….I had to give up I was crying so much!!! So, so beautiful what a fitting tribute to the family. I’m so glad they finally got back together ❤️

    • Pete & Tony says:


      Sorry to do that to you. I know we have a habit of doing that with some of our songs. I know that Ghost has quite the impact on people.

      If you haven’t heard that one yet, best apply mascara after, not before x


  • Deb Stephens says:

    Hi Pete & Tony
    I’ve only recently come across you and your music and I absolutely love it, you have such sincerity and warm in your music, it’s a joy to listen too, I’ve just ordered your CD the first of many I’m sure, I constantly watch your YouTube videos 😉

  • Jill says:

    Hi Tony and Pete, another great song. I have your Album in my car to listen to while traveling to work. Out of the blue has got to be my favourite song, soothes away the troubles of my day

  • Joy Watts says:

    I am so glad I have discovered you guys.I am loving your music.

  • Richard says:

    Most enjoyable. It hits that chord inside.
    It inspires the feeling of driving down the open roads with the sun shining down and not a care in the world.
    Just how a good song should do.

  • Angela Virginia Edwards says:

    Hi Pete & Toni
    A Ray of Sun was amazingly touching and such an incredible love story… I’d just bought your CD…and immediately fell in love with your voice Tony so thank you to you both for bringing music back into my life again…I’ve been to hell and back many times over and still somehow manage to get back onto my feet…I’ve four beautiful grandchildren, I’ve battled to save my only son from drugs and now trying to be strong for my only daughter who moved back in with me with her new born after an abusive relationship…I’ve suffered pain throughout my life and now fight every day to get out of bed, even though I was bedridden with M. E. i did manage to get back onto my feet and fight even more battles.. I’ve suffered loss I’ve suffered abuse and I do struggle daily and never thought that I’d ever be able to sit down and enjoy music again until I heard your voice…it touched my ❤️ heart and my soul and I thank you for giving me back something beautiful whilst still fighting to survive in a life full of stress anxiety pain and trauma…With much love Angie xxx

    • Pete & Tony says:

      Hi Angela,

      I’m so sorry you’ve had so much to struggle with. But also so touched that our music has connected with you and is helping.

      We have so many people who have not only connected with us, but also have connected with other fans of ours, and often through sharing their struggles.

      We hope you hang around with us and join our beautiful family of compassionate people who have all been affected by life’s struggles.

      Much love

      Pete & Tony x


    My mum always said good things come to those that wait and this is proof of that xx

  • Gary Hinks says:

    Hey up mate CDs not arrived yet

  • Audrey smith says:

    Bought you downloads last week. But can’t get them to play at all. Not tech savvy. Help

  • Elaine Sidwell says:

    That’s beautiful a lovely song and fitting tribute x

  • Carole Dowling says:

    What a beautiful song, it really touched me.Such a moving story, a lovely tribute to Ray.
    I have just bought your CD
    after hearing your music on facebook.Out of the blue is my favourite.Bless you both.

  • Lauren Mooney Bear says:

    This song was perfect to wake up to. Simply lovely!
    Thank you for continuing to play your music even when it’s a struggle.

  • Sherri says:

    Beautiful song love it ❤️

  • Audrey LaVerne Moore says:

    Love this song!! Can’t wait to receive my cd.

  • Kim Bowden says:

    I bought your cd’s after hearing your songs on FB, it was worth every penny, im a londoner living in Cornwall and love this track.

  • Julie Sheen says:

    Oh I’m fighting back the tears listening to the reasons behind this song. What a beautiful love story where they end up back together after all those years yet such a sad ending. Like you say you could write a film about this. Having lost my sister and dad
    and my brother currently fighting cancer I really do feel the pain that anyone who has to go through this dreadful disease is going through. Just love the lyrics, absolute cracking song 🥰

    • Pete & Tony says:

      Hi Julie,

      Having lost my mum to Cancer when I was 19, I feel your pain.

      I’m glad our song and his story resonated with you, but I’m sorry for the reason why.

      Sending hugs!

      Pete x

  • Julie Wright says:

    What a lovely thing to do for Jack & his family we need more people in this world like you two guys thank you for your music. X

  • Carolyn Ann Lavagna says:

    Omg, love the song. The real life story is not without sadness but is so beautiful.
    I lost tge live of my life 21 months ago, childhood sweethearts since I was 14, married 49 years together 53 yrs. It was not without struggles and strife at times but we loved each other. I feel I have lost a part of me and my life has changed from being US , to I. He was a very good bass player , playing in a few local popular bands, the last one being very popular. I struggle so much now listening to music as it breaks me down … I know he would have loved listening to your music. Keep up the great work

  • A beautiful song it is. With such a beautiful story behind it. Your music brings me great joy.Thank you

  • You are so very welcome.

  • Teresa Davis says:

    What a beautiful song, and a beautiful love story,it is so true that, a true love will stand the test of time,well done Guys you are amazing

  • Teresa Davis says:

    Beautiful Song, love it..and a beautiful love story,proving that true love will stand the test of time.

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