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We wrote OUT OF THE BLUE one morning after Tony had been working a late shift in his Taxi the night before and during a low moment, missing his family, sitting on Kings Cross Taxi Rank, he came up with the opening lines of the song.

You know when that day, sometimes goes wrong…

Little did we know when we were sitting in my living room writing it, that it would end up being a song that would gain us over 60k new fans during 2020 and the simple video that we filmed in about 15 minutes in my cabin would be viewed by over 2 million people all over the world!

If we’d known that, we would have made a better video. But here is that video anyways…

You see, I’m sure it’s pretty obvious, but we’re nothing special, we’re just a couple of Dads who started writing songs together for a bit of fun. We shared some of them on social media to see what the reaction would be and to see whether it would be worth paying to record them properly. Fast forward 5 years and we’ve just released our 6th studio album and we have a following all over the world.

We are independent artists and do EVERYTHING ourselves. We have no backing from a record company. We fund everything with the support of an amazing fanbase. We weren’t expecting any of this. Even our name THE CONDRIACS was a joke name made up by our wives who thought we were having a mid-life crisis! We probably were!

But seeing as this is happening… we want to make the most of this unexpected music career we seem to be having late in our lives.

We do what we love and our fans seem to love what we do…

We really hope you’re enjoying the music as much as we love creating it…

If you’d like to hear more from this album, click here.

We hope you to choose to join us on our crazy little musical journey. We love to connect with the people who love our music, so if you leave a comment, or send us an email, we will reply personally.

Much love!

Pete & Tony x


  • Breya Warnstaff says:

    Nice song

  • Sheryl Merville says:

    NICE! Really good music..smooth and takes me back (Boomer) when we invented good music. I listened to both but will listen to Out of the Blue again and again. Thanks!

  • Mary Frances Coleman says:

    Music is an integral part of my life. I’m always listening to the radio in my car or at home. I listen to a variety of music although I’m not a huge fan of rap. Your music is unique with a vibrancy that touches a part of me that is hard to put into words. I’ve been listening to your songs but I must say that ‘Out of the Blue’ strikes a chord for me…I can’t begin to describe what I feel when listening to it! It’s truly amazing and you’re very talented. I look forward to your future endeavors!???????

  • Cathy Moulsher says:

    Absolutely beautiful song,I can relate to this, brings a tear to my eye, you’ve got such a lovely voice, this is the 1st song of yours that I heard so it had my hooked. Thank you both. X

  • Wendy Paterson says:

    I love that song. My Kevin passed away two years ago. When I listen to Out of the Blue I remember how much I loved him and how lucky I was he came into my life.

  • Cheryl Sloan says:

    I love the song, I also enjoy your other songs you sing. Your music I like very much really relaxing causing me to remince my pass. All good thank you, keep on making more good listening music. Thank you

  • Christina Bryan says:

    I’ve bought both “Out of the Blue” and “This Game”. Love them both to bits. Well done, gents!

  • Debbie Johnson says:

    Hi like others out of the blue was the first song I heard from you. It makes me feel sad when I listen to it as I have no one to give me that smile or hug. My dad passed away in May and the only man I loved didn’t love me. But I still love listening to your lovely voice x

  • Anita says:

    Love,Love,Love Out Of the Blue. You have an amazing voice, cant wait to listen to more.

    Hope your Success goes from strength to strength

    Anita xx

  • Jo Lewis says:

    I’ve only recently discovered you, I love your music and it’s great to watch this video and see just a couple of normal, lovely guys doing what you clearly love and enjoy. I’m now 100% a fan and will be looking out for lots more from you. Jo xx

    • Pete & Tony says:

      That’s wonderful Jo, we’ve got loads of music to share with you. And if you would like to join us for our private live streamed shows, by all means take a look at our patron membership x

  • Cricket christina mock says:

    Loved this song the first tome i heard it, love some of the others too but this is my fav. Cant wait til it gets here. You guys are amazing

  • Karen Sibley says:

    Absolutely love this song, recently bought the album, and every song is so different, your music is so versatile, different styles, different sounds, brill! Well done boys 👏👏

  • Elaine Stark says:

    Love the music and the background story .Really wish you both and your families every success and happiness this hard work will bring. Some of us are lucky to have the breaks when we are young for some its later in life ,its what you do with it when it happens not when it happens and i think you appreciate and enjoy it when you are a bit older . Years ago about 30 actually we were in a shop in Concarneau and music was playing and we asked who it was ,it was Donald Fagan we went home and searched for every album and have been great fans since ,i have a shop in France and in the new year will get my license to play music and yours will be playing and i know the french will love it .

  • Cheryl says:

    Loving your music and interaction with your fans,can’t wait for CDs to arrive ,

  • Ms Julie Middleton says:

    That’s a really lovely story about your humble beginnings and I’m so pleased things are going from strength to strength for you! Good luck!!

    • Pete & Tony says:

      Thank you Julie, we really still feel
      Like we’re at our humble beginnings.

      We’re just a couple of Dads who started this for our enjoyment. We had no idea it would grow like it has. We have an army of people who support what we do now, both on the main page and our 150 patrons who support us financially every month and we both find that humbling and a little overwhelming, but we’re going with it, as our dream is to give up our full time jobs and do this full time together.

      Thank you for your support x


  • Your music touches my spirit. My wonderful husband passed away December 21st at home with me. I am going thru chemo myself. It brought me peace at a trying time

    • Pete & Tony says:

      So sorry to hear of your loss Susanne, there is a wonderful support network created by our fans who are going through tough times. You’re very welcome to join in if it helps you.

      Wishing you well through your treatment.

      Pete x

  • Hazel Georgiou says:

    I’ve just become a carer for my mum…I’ve ordered yr Cds…need some beautiful music to help me unwind…love love your voice xx

    • Pete & Tony says:

      Thank you Hazel, I noticed that you are very local to us, which always a surprise as most of our fans are on the other side of the world!

      We’ll let you know when we’re playing live on case you fancy paying us a visit.

      Thank you for your support.

      Pete x

  • Mandy Nobbs says:

    Out of the blue, is such a lovely song. I lost my husband two years ago. A cuddle always made the world right again. Love love your songs. May it continue. Take care xx

  • Paul vallas says:

    Im 72 and love all types of god’s music this takes me back to good times and is a great song smooth and rich plus you can hear the words which is a bonus nowadays

  • Kathy says:

    Wow got the new album and wow, I love the old school soul, I can relate to you sitting on the rank waiting for fares as I’m a taxi controller in heybridge Essex and one of my drivers writes poems , keep doing what your doing I will definitely keep following you x

  • Lauren says:

    Well what can I say I absolutely loved it looking forward to my next cd dropping through the letter box

  • Tina Hart says:

    Out of the blue sure hit a nerve with me , you have an amazing voice, very soulful. Such a beautiful heartfelt song , am gonna follow you .x

  • Gladys Gagnon says:

    I kept watching the out of the blue video that kept popping up in my Facebook feed. I would play it over and over until I just had to buy the CD. love everything on the CD and take it from my house to the car so I can listen to it everywhere I am.

  • Yvonne Sherwin says:

    Such incredible music, so soulful and pitch perfect. It’s so dreamy to listen to, absolutely brilliant.I am so glad I came across ‘out of the blue’ it’s my absolute favourite song. Thank you so much.

  • Linda says:

    I bought your CD. I play it constantly,esoec. OUT OF THE BLUE! Over and over!! Driving my husband nuts!!! It is soulful, amazing–love it!!!!

  • Tracy Pattenden says:

    Absolutely loving this song an your 2 albums I’ve just received.Easy listening great in the car an also in the house. Wishing you both all the best with your music 🎶. Thankyou for making my world a brighter place. Would love to see you locally in Kent.

  • Jacqui says:

    I have just got 2 of your
    Cd’s which are brilliant well done guys keep going beautiful music , I’ll be buying more

  • Jan says:

    Bought your album just this week, it’s on a loop.
    My mother passed away this morning and your song really is bringing me comfort. For that I am grateful.
    Love& Blessings 💜

  • Brenda says:

    I watched your video on Facebook out of the blue, I fell in love with the soul in your voice, I then bought your album! Thank goodness I live alone as I’m playing it over and over again.
    I am now a new fan and look forward to hearing more and more of your music.

  • Sharon Wick says:

    Heard Out of the Blue and was blown away. Ordered the CD and just love it. Both so talented – keep it coming 😃

  • Sunnie Campos says:

    I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of your albumns. I love what I have heard so far.

  • Ann says:

    Love your music. Such a beautiful voice. Thank you xxx

  • Angela says:

    Love your voice and this song 🎵 ❤️

  • Susan says:

    Out of the blue is the first time I’ve heard of you. I’ve just ordered your cd, love your voice. I too always want to be back home but, it’s not the same now, my husband passed away two and a half years ago and our two kids are more often out with friends than in.

    • Pete & Tony says:

      Hi Susan,

      I’m so sorry I missed your comment. We get a lot to respond to and we still both work full time and do this in our spare time.

      I’m so sorry for your loss and hope that you stick around our community on Facebook. There’s alot of wonderful supportive people around here. We hope you continue to enjoy our music.

      Pete x

  • Christina says:

    A beautiful song!I think of so many things each time I hear it…we all have days that “go wrong”…..but it’s always love from others that get us through.
    Thank you for your great music..& for me,your voice Pete is better than Rod Stewart’s!

  • Kerry Wheadon says:

    Just found your music.. think you guys are great x

  • Sally Fahy says:

    Beautiful singer all songs sang with lovely words allso from the bottom of the Heart xxThank you Both

  • Amanda says:

    Fantastic song I mentioned to my partner I’d bought your cd he listened to you in u tube thinks you have a great voice will be buying more cds 💿 xx

  • Caroline Rigby says:

    Gorgeous song, just played the 2 cd’s stripped back & crazy,every song a winner. I even got up & danced in the kitchen to a few.

    • Pete & Tony says:

      Glad you’re enjoying them Caroline. Can’t beat a kitchen disco!

      Once you’ve worn those out, we’ve got plenty more albums for you to check out. We’re about to release our 8th album…

      Hope you enjoy discovering all our songs.

      Tony x

  • Hi there love the song , got me through a bad patch, me Dad didn’t want anything to do with me……
    After helping him most my life , there is only us as blood family , all the best for the future Trevor 🤘🏻😉

    • Pete & Tony says:

      Hi Trevor,

      Sorry to hear about things with your Dad.

      Music has helped me through so many times in my life. We’re so glad that one of our songs has helped a little for you.


  • Barry Thompson says:

    three words, WOW, WOW & WOW.

  • Diane Black says:

    I believe that people are looking for the real thing. And you two gentlemen are it. No Hollywood influenced entertainment.

    I’m so glad I happened upon you researching something about Art Garfunkel. And there you were. Happenstance!

  • James Knight says:

    Very soulful. Touches of Marvin Gaye mixed with Boy George and that’s meant as a compliment.

  • Julie says:

    Wow, this track gives me goosebumps on my goosebumps. Absolutely love it 🥰. Will definitely be listening to more from you.

  • I love your music and your vocals. I have ordered your album set. Please keep up the great work.

  • Susan Schofield says:

    Love listening to your music, I love a good song when you can understand every word that is being sung, you have a beautiful voice, sounds a bit like Rod stewart in places, can’t wait for my cd’s to arrive, just keep doing what you are doing xx

  • karen s vaughn says:

    This song is so tender it takes me right to that sweet calm place in my heart. Thank you this is my first purchase but I will get up to date real soon.

  • Daniel Hermon says:

    Great songs I wish you every success and If ever you are in Liverpool I have a connection with people there who have a small recording studio they record CDs under the name Latestbanda they can be contacted at the Embassie backpackers hostel No1 Faulkner square Toxteth just ask for Kevin Murphy junior.

  • Esther Houghton says:

    Simply beautiful x

  • Linda Smith says:

    Beautiful song love the lyrics x

  • Montse O'Callaghan says:

    Fantastic songs.Always a pleasure to listen to them.

  • Teresa Davis says:

    I love this song from the moment I first heard it I was hooked on The Condriacs you guys are amazing

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