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After we completed our EP OUT OF THE BLUE in 2018, we decided that our next project needed to be a full production album.

The song we’ve included here is called That’s The Way. We love the bluesy soulful funk and the driving beat behind this song and… that guitar solo!!!! Wow!! That’s Ed Rome doing his thing…

The power of people

It costs around $10k to $14k to record a full production album with 12 tracks and as independent artists, without any record company backing, we do absolutely everything ourselves, from funding to marketing to creating the physical product and even the artwork for the cover. So we are only able to create new music with the help of our amazing fanbase, through crowdfunding.

We try to offer some really special limited edition stuff that nobody else will be able to get, including limited edition CDs, vinyls, merch and even fan experiences like private garden shows and even the chance to join us live while we write songs for the album. This allows us to fund the recording and production of our music and also allows our fans to be part of it all.

We do what we love and our fans seem to love what we do…

We were lucky enough to work with some very talented musicians on this album and our producer Ed Rome, helped us create a sound we’re very proud of. We worked with the brass section from The Specials, including Jonathan read on trumpet (check out the intro to Let It Rain) and we even ended up with the actor Wilf Scolding, offering to appear in our low-budget homemade video for the song Spit It Out.

As well as being a fan of our music, Wilf played Jon Snow’s father in Game Of Thrones and Ethan in Netflix The One. We couldn’t believe he appears in our video too!

This album has been described as Smokey Robinson meets Faces. There are some elements of classic rock but with the vein of bluesy soul running throughout, topped off by the distinctive soulful vocal and infectious melodies that Tony always brings to our songs.

If you’d like to hear more from this album, click here.

Much Love

Pete & Tony x


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